Out of the Valley

Riding home from the Heritage Days Festival. Along River Road to the Royal Glenora Club, then uphill. I’ve only taken this path out of the valley a couple of times. This is the first time on the “Spot”. I’ve never made it all the way. It’s a killer for me, but I hope to make it this weekend. I’m not a kid anymore, and the goal is some fun and exercise, but not a heart attack. I’m a wimp at heart.

Pardon the occasional F bomb. Gotta watch that language.

Looks like I’m not the only guy to walk his singlespeed up a hill. From the SS world championships.

You can spot the Cyclocross racer about 3/4 way through. He’s the guy with his bike on his shoulder running up the hill.

6 Responses

  1. Good work on that hill, Jim, looks like you were really motoring before you had to dismount. That’s a tough hill to crack even for me on my 21-speed XC, and I take it almost every morning.


    Dave (a.k.a. RTA)

  2. Thanks!

    So close, but so far away. My singlespeed is pretty low gearing, but not quite low enough I guess. You must be in pretty good shape. I’m gonna make this year, I swear!

  3. I’m in pretty ok shape I guess, but it never really feels like it by the time I’m done with that hill (or the one out of MacKinnon on the way back home).

    I gotta ask about that helmet-mounted camera, though. Where’d you get it and for how much? Actually kinda curious about your GPS, too.

  4. The camera is a VIO POV 1.5. I got it at pointofviewcameras.ca. All info here http://pointofviewcameras.ca/vio-pov-1-5-video-camera.html?utm_campaign=store&utm_source=sidebar-bestseller-pov15&utm_medium=link

    I was feeling a little flush when I got both the camera and Garmin. The Garmin is actually a runners watch – the Forerunner 405, and I got it at MEC. It’s a little tricky to learn, and finicky sometimes, but pretty simple once you get to know it. Sometimes I wish I’d got the cycling one that mounts on the bike, but I thought I might use it in the gym or running.

    Sometimes I still think I just blew a bunch of dough on toys, but I have fun.

  5. http://edmontonbikes.ca/

    Hey Jim. Great blog. I just thought I would correct the link for your blogroll on the righthand side. I think the link is dead. It should be “Edmonton Bicycle Commuters” with the url: http://edmontonbikes.ca/

    Does that work?

    Great blog, and if you want to join our efforts we are writing a ‘vision for cycling in edmonton’ document.

    Email advocacy@edmontonbikes.ca if you want more information!

  6. Thanks for the heads up. Link fixed. Thanks for posting. You’re doing a great job a EBC.

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