New Commute – first day

Commute to new workplace at Roper Road

Commute from new workplace at Roper Road

Man, I was dreading this new commute. I tried a couple of routes earlier, and it was looking impossible. Today was my first real commute to the correct location, and it was great. Essentially, it just adds another leg on my former commute, as I ride right past the old office.

Argyll has a bike path, though it’s really a combination of a wide sidewalk, then a side road that really needs some paving, then a nice back alley up to 86st. 86st is considered a bike path on the sidewalks, but it’s so ridiculous, switching back and forth between the sides of the street, i just end up taking the road. I miscalculated a bit today, but it didn’t end up too bad at all..

I’m going to keep trying a few routes. I may end up taking mill creek on my way home, when I’m not in such a hurry.

I’ll be getting in shape if I keep this up, that’s for sure!

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