short but cruel hills and fast guys

Even if I had a triple with a granny gear instead of a compact double, I think it would be a struggle getting up some of those hills. I love it though. There are some cruel hills – even shorter ones that don’t seem as bad. I’m talking especially about the ones that get steeper for the last few metres. It’s like you’re almost there, but the worst is yet to come. There’s one on the south side of the High Level I ride every day (vid below). I used to take it in the big gear, but I’m taking it a little easier these days because my ride is much longer.

The reverse can also be true – when you get a hill and the last few metres are almost at grade (or seem that way). You go hard, and just when you feel like you can rest because there’s nothing left in the tank, there’s still 20 metres with no gliding.

I was thinking of coming up 107 st (?) into downtown. Looking back, I don’t believe I’ve ever tried it. It just looks bad. I know I tried going up one of those hills going west when I first got my clipless pedals, and did one of those slow motion falls onto a pile of sand.

I’m getting into pretty decent condition. I don’t even say for a 52 year old anymore. Yesterday I was taking Saskatchewan Drive after coming up the hill off of the High Level. I was going at a pretty good clip, but not too hard (I still have a long ride to go yet) when some guy flew past me (also on the vid below). That doesn’t happen often, especially when I’m going 35 kph. I tried to keep up, but there was no way. He was pulling away, and fast. I hate that guy. At least he didn’t ding his bell.

Maybe he was fresh (no hill), but either way, that guy was moving good. So I have a way to go yet.

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