Lungbuster Hill redux

I’ve taken to the Mill Creek ravine as my regular commute home now, which entails going up this hill. It’s not getting any easier, but I’ve made it all the way Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. All on my TriCross Comp. Yay for me.

This is a great way to get home. Now that I’m figuring out the best route, it’s only taking about 8 minutes longer than the fast way, and I only need to deal with traffic for the first 6 or 7 minutes. It’s like another world for most of the ride – all a nice ride through a park.

I feel sorry for my driver friends. But wait until winter.

2 Responses

  1. I know the feeling! It’s why I love taking the ravine and RVR in the morning and afternoon; even though 102 Ave. is more straightforward, slightly faster, and less hilly, it has more stops and lights, and those two bridge hazards. The ravine/RVR route has less stops, is generally a beautiful ride, and the hills are very invigorating.

    I’m sure the hill will get easier the more you do it, it just takes time.

    Loving the blog, Jim, keep it up.

  2. I didn’t have the gas on Thursday, so I didn’t quite make it, and walked the last 10 metres or so. I’d rather not give myself a heart attack.

    It was fun nonetheless, and I still had enough gas in the tank to get home. It’s great riding this route when the weather’s so nice. I’m sure many people can’t imagine actually enjoying their commutes to and from work. It’s the best part of my day most days.

    They have a shower in our new building at work. I used it Thursday, and it’s great. I feel 100% refreshed. I just wish I had a better place to dry my sweaty clothes than the locker, because they don’t get dry in there, I guess I’ll just have to start bringing two changes of clothes each day.

    I’m still wondering how these commutes will work come winter.

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