Lungbuster Hill part III

My buddy Dave said it would get easier. I found another hill on the way to Gold Bar Park that’s much tougher and just about did me in on a very hard ride Tuesday. Then yesterday (Thursday), I took my CX training, which was really hard (!!!), then had to ride home.

I thought my legs might give up, but to my utter amazement, I powered up Lungbuster Hill much faster than ever before, and wasn’t breathing too hard at the top either. Then I killed the smaller hills on 110 st with ease – actually picking up speed as I was climbing!

I think part of it has to do with my general strength and fitness improving, but I’m betting my technique has also improved. This is in no small part thanks to the CX training I took. I’m still the worst at CX, by far, but I’m making progress. Now I just have to reset my bike from a commuter to a racer, and I can really get into it. I’m told I need to wear the spandex outfit to race and train though. No cameras, please.

What a great bunch the CX people are, and bike people in general. Stew at United can get anyone hipped to cyclocross. And Lori-Ann Muenzer is working there now too. I heard she was 42. She looks fantastic! If someone said she was in her 20’s I’d believe them. First Olympic Gold Medalist I’ve ever met, and a real inspiration. She just has a positive energy radiating from her that can’t help but bring you up.

More on the CX later! Lots going on.

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  1. Nice work! Sadly I have not been on my bike in a couple of days; yesterday due to rain, and today because I injured my foot kicking a 300-pound at Kung Fu last night. While the injury will make my foot tougher in the long run (iron body conditioning is a big part of the Kung Fu I train in), in the meantime bike shoes aren’t exactly compatible. I really have to try to squeeze in as much biking as I can now, though; I’m not brave enough to want to keep doing it in the winter.

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