New Light

I handed over the loot for my winter/night-time Stella 200 light. I’ve been using it in the mornings, as they get a little darker each day, but it hasn’t really been necessary.

But yesterday I did my first cyclocross (CX) training (more on that later), and it went until after dark. I took Mill Creek Ravine home with a racer who had a halogen headlamp.

The Stella was unbelievable. It completely outshone the halogen, and it lit up the path as far as needed, depending on my speed. This is a great little light. I’m entirely comfortable using it whenever it’s dark i any conditions now. A real stress reducer.

Maybe I should have bought it online though, as the price is more than 25% cheaper, and our dollar is doing well. I do like to support my local bike shop (LBS) though, but not t too much of a premium.

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