I was trying to go to work today, and my left crank arm CAME OFF! I was still clipped in. I’ve never seen it or even heard of it before. The only good thing was it happened a block from home. I’ve been under the weather anyway, and was feeling pretty lousy, so maybe it was for the best anyway, in a way. So I called in sick.

I got the arm back on and tightened the pinch bolts, but I’m not sure if there’s something else.

I’m gonna take it for a spin to Western Cycle if I’m feeling better, and ask them.

I hope it’s ok, because I just got this bike dialed in, and just ordered my Schwalbe Marathon Winter’s from the US, which is the only place I could find the 29’er tire. They’re actually the same circumference as the regular 700c’s, but, according to Peter White Cycles, they are a fat 42 width. Running these with low pressure should get me through just about anything I’m gonna be faced with, while still being acceptable for clear pavement. I have the 35’s for my other bike, and they worked great last year.

I suspect it’s gonna take as much as 90 minutes for my daily commute – each way. Good exercise, and lots of it!

NOTE *** by complete fluke, Western Cycle had the right size crank arm bolt for my bike, sitting in a drawer with a bunch of loose parts. Unbelievable. They seem to always come through for me. I thought I’d need to order it. Back on the road again – for $8!

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