It’s here!

The icy ruts on the bike paths today brought it all back. Not right away, but soon enough. Sure glad I put the studded tires on. It’s a strange feeling – you feel like the bike is going to slide out from under you, then the side studs grip, and it all works out. The key, I think, is to keep some torque going. Once you start gliding, look out. So the right gear, and speed, is crucial. Unfortunately it’s going to take twice as long to get to work in the morning.

The roads were ok, and the main ones were fine. Some of the paths were ok. But the High Level was pretty icy. The worst was the 90st bike path. I decided to get off the path and onto the road, because it was safer, and a lot faster.

The main problem was that the snow turned to slush, then cyclists road through it, leaving deep ruts, which then froze again. A light snow on top just made it worse. Unless it all melts off, or the city can somehow clear it, it could remain a problem for quite awhile, if not all winter.

It was fun, though. One day down, months to go.

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