Wacky Weather

Nothing was going to work, as far as a bike, in today’s nasty weather.

2 Responses

  1. I rode on Dec 4th, oh that fateful day, and I spent as much time walking as I did riding on my way back to Southgate area from Downtown. Between derailleurs gumming up with wet snow and not having a snow tire yet, I was pretty useless.

  2. I had studded snowtires and everything, but I’m riding a singlespeed, so no gears to get gummed up. Nothing helped. There was no riding that day.

    And I stopped when it was really cold. My commute takes nearly an hour, sometimes more, and it’s just too long to be out in minus 30 or lower.

    Today (Wed, Dec 16) was great, though. Especially on the ride home.

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