Beer bike

There’s all kinds of bikes out there, from expensive bikes at the peak of human powered fine tuned racing machine efficiency, to lazyboy bikes, to bikes that attach to a shopping cart, to this one. The beer bike. or, more truthfully, the “bar bike”. “Bike bar”? “Bicycle bar”? I think it may be from Germany. Just a guess.

To make it even better, or perhaps worse, all depending, the bar in question is a Karaoke Bar. If any cyclists should be wearing helmets, it’s this bunch. There’s a real argument for helmets at all times while cycling. That’s an aspect of cycling where we’ve got one up on, say, Amsterdam. Helmets. Even more when you’re drunk. Or singing. Maybe this bunch are afraid it might make them look silly, or something.

I understand why lots of people like Karaoke. Some people are actually good at it. I’ve been known to have a good time getting drunk and singing songs in bars and at parties. Generally, I need a pretty good other reason to stick around a Karaoke Bar, but that’s me.

I can picture the fun side, but having run a really fun bar, I can vouch for the not so fun side on occasion. I’m not sure bringing the bar out onto the streets, like this, a mobile, open bar, is such a good idea.

.Beer Bike

Pardon the slow video.

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