WHEELS – 1, Gyro Wheel for kids

Training wheels aren’t really a great solution for kids learning to ride a bicycle. The trick, as we all know, is in balancing on two wheels. The training wheels don’t help learn balance.

A better way is to take a normal two wheeled bike, and take the pedals off, so the child can push themselves using their legs. After all, it’s your legs that will keep you up when stopped. This way the child learns balance. One they have a grasp of that, pedaling is easier to learn.

There’s a new technology called “Gyro Wheels” that seem very promising. Here’s a youTube vid:

This kid learned fast! You can dial down the effect as the child gets more comfortable.

And, yes, they have them for adults, though maybe not on the market yet. Maybe the same type of use – to train. It might also be a lot of fun to ride, but I doubt I’d want to do any hard cornering, especially going fast. The gyro looks best for going straight, or slow turns, it would seem.

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