Working it out

Like a lot of people, I have a desk job. I’m probably in better shape than many of my contemporaries thanks to my regular bike commuting, but it’s not really such a good idea to compare. Our society as a whole isn’t very fit, myself included. Even as far as cycling goes, I feel I should be in much better condition. Any work I do now to get in shape and stay in shape will do me good as I get older.

I used to be a regular in the gym, but since my office moved I haven’t gone at all. Consequently my upper body strength is poor. I feel weak. When I was working out regularly I felt much better both physically and mentally. I want to get that kind of feeling back. Where I once trained with more of a bodybuilding focus (not that it worked that well), I really want to focus on core strength and overall fitness. A recent fitness appraisal had my body fat right on target for my age at about 16%, but I think I can do better than that.

So today is day 1 for what I hope will be a return to a lifestyle that saw me in the gym at least 3 days per week. I’m feeling very intimidated, and I know what’s coming as far as the stiffness that always accompanies a return to hard work. I have a pretty good routine ready – one that I can adjust as needed, and I’m going to keep a log of each workout now.

Overall fitness including core strength and upper body workouts should help me with my cycling too, and my overall wellbeing. Here’s to a lifestyle change I hope is permanent.

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  1. The working out isn’t working out, so far. Life keeps getting in the way. If I only do it once in awhile, it’s all pain, and no gain. I’m off to the gym today, to either work out, or cancel my membership 🙂

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