Back in the saddle.

First day back on the bike. Man, am I ever out of shape! And everything’s fitting kind of snug. To say the least.

It was a good ride along 111 ave to the Royal Alex and back to Westmount Mall. Now I remember what it’s like to ride into the wind.

I’m going to try to go for a ride every day. Another week or so, then it’s off to Lungbuster Hill.

4 Responses

  1. Congrats! Where is the Lungbuster?

  2. Sorry, I shouldn’t be obscure. Lungbuster Hill is a name I gave to the hill coming out of the river valley by Victoria Golf Course, behind the Royal Glenora Club.

    For the longest time I couldn’t make it, and I chronicled my experience on this blog (page 5, going back), with a video. Another cyclist buddy suggested it was less a fitness issue, and more a technique issue, and he was right. I came to be able to do it regularly, even on my singlespeed.

    Don’t know about now, though. We’ll see soon. Until then, I’m just really happy to be back on the bike.

  3. What were the technique issues you had?

  4. I was going much too fast, thinking the faster and harder I went at it, the sooner I’d be done. I almost made it, but I’d burn out and my heart rate went to 188. Which isn’t necessarily a good idea for someone in their 50’s I guess.

    I was told by someone who posted here and others that I should try to keep a steady cadence and control my breathing. Slow and steady does seem to win that race. It was also suggested I lean out further over my handlebars.

    The tricky part is the 180 degree switchback which is challenging while going uphill. But it’s fun.

    There’s a hill on the southside on the way from Mill Creek to Gold Bar Park that I’ve never made all the way. It’s a killer. But then, I’ve been passed by men and women who made it, so ever hopeful.

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