Thieves! Grrrrr

IMG_0456Great. Some asshole stole my handlebars, headstock, and front suspension of my Spot. Image Strangely, they left my wheel sitting there.

5 Responses

  1. Oh, and of course they took my brakes too.

  2. I checked it all out. They clearly tried to get the rest of the bike. Both my wheels were locked up. My lock is broken, though I managed to get it open with the key after awhile. Now the key is stuck forever, and the lock is ruined. But at least the lock held up.

  3. I have a camera mounted outside. Great. But the wind or something knocked it off its mount, and all it sees is my wall. Great.

  4. That sucks so much, sorry to hear it, Jim. =(

  5. Ces’t la vie.

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